Designing Elegant and Tailored Living Environments

Revitalize Your Abode with Möbelbanken by Rentarc

At Möbelbanken by Rentarc, we specialize in turning houses into cherished homes. Our team dedicates itself to crafting inviting spaces that blend functionality with personal flair, ensuring every piece of furniture we deliver becomes a cornerstone of your daily comfort.

Möbelbanken by Rentarc reshapes your living space with bespoke furniture solutions that echo your taste and enhance your lifestyle. Our professionals are committed to curating your dream home environment.

Our Möbelbanken by Rentarc Design Wizards

Crafting spaces into captivating havens. We focus on the minute details and fully grasp your home aspirations. Our team, your design partners.

Lars Andersson

Head Home Stylist

Lars Andersson: Adept in fashioning elegant, practical living areas. A cornerstone of our creative force.

Olivia Berg

Principal Furnishing Consultant

Olivia Berg: Visionary creator with a dedication to exceeding client expectations.

Alexander Gustafsson

Residential Ambience Artist

Alexander Gustafsson: Expert in molding classic, chic environments with a touch of nature.

Sophia Karlsson

Chief Interior Arranger and Decorator

Sophia Karlsson: Artistic talent delivering modern zest. Spaces that resonate style and utility.

Frida Lund

Expert Space Curator

Frida Lund: Creative architect driving innovation in every project.

Erik Svensson

Head Home Stylist

Erik Svensson: Artisan of exquisite and utilitarian living spaces. Integral to our team’s vision.

Emma Nilsson

Chief Interior Arranger and Decorator

Emma Nilsson: Designer with a knack for modern elegance. Crafting spaces that blend form and function.

Oscar Ivarsson

Residential Ambience Artist

Oscar Ivarsson: Bringing timeless grace to interiors with sustainable and natural aesthetics.

Creating Comfort with Elegance

Explore compelling figures that highlight our expertise and client contentment at Möbelbanken by Rentarc.


Decades of Expertise

Over a decade of furnishing homes with ease and excellence.


Tailored Furniture Solutions Finalized

With more than 300 bespoke furnishing solutions delivered, we pride ourselves on crafting homely atmospheres.


Delighted Tenants and Homeowners

Our 2000+ happy clients endorse us for making their homes memorable.


Celebrating Design Mastery

Exclusive, customized interiors that resonate with your lifestyle.

Möbelbanken by Rentarc reinvented my space beyond my dreams. Utterly content.



Revamp Your Abode with Möbelbanken’s Stylish Furnishings

Transition seamlessly to a chic dwelling with Möbelbanken by Rentarc. Our adept team curates refined, rentable interiors that echo your personal flair. Connect with us to actualize your ideal home – no hassle of assembly or shopping required.